Days and Nights


“The marble is like the landscape; Chinese people of the 17th and 18th century used marble and studied it, its lines and contour reminding them of the landscape, autumn, winter. They also wrote poems about it. First, I thought of white marble; then yellow marble. Later, I got the idea of making 2 cabins; one for nights and the other for days: through the holes you see the day, the night, the stars (the holes look like constellations), the cold, the wind, the warmth, the snow, the ocean, the seasons, the centuries, children’s looks, adults’ looks – will bore into the cabins!

These two cabins will be as two lighthouses that attract all this attention. Maybe the holes are made by fallen meteors. So I chose the marble types; one of the cabins will be “Norwegian Rose”, the other “Blue Olav”. The first is the colour of the sunrise, the second is the colour of the night. A small granite street, measuring 0.90 x 5.20 m (length), is separating the cabins. People will cross this street, which stretches all the way out to the ocean, and they can look through the holes: the house of day and the house of night! Large marble surfaces are needed (as large as possible) to prevent too many changes in the pattern. There cannot be another floor beneath the cabin’s marble floor, as it will prevent the ocean passing freely through the holes in the marble floor. The holes' disposition in the marble will submit in the end.»


“The two cabins must be made solely of marble, even the interior constructions.

- one will be made of “Norwegian Rose” marble (polished)
- the other will be made of “Blue Olav” marble (polished)
The passage between the cabins must be made of “Støren granite” (unpolished)

On every exterior facade, including the roof and interior floor, will be hundreds of holes (these must be properly cut) with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm to 2-2.5 cm.

Through the holes: air, rain, snow, sun, ocean water... night and day will revisit the cabins. Of course, people’s gazes, too, when they come closer to the cabins and walk the passage between them (in granite), and when they look at the interior and through the holes.

The granite walkway is also drilled with 1-0.5 cm to 2-2.5 cm holes. The granite is unpolished, preventing people from slipping. It will be necessary to make an entrance that leads to the passage between the cabins. The two cabins and the passage must be level with the sea. The two cabins will be constructed on bases of metal or concrete to secure their stability. However, for the cabins' construction, only marble is to be used. As the watercolours suggest, the walls and doors are closed by marble. It is not possible to open them.


  • Completed 1998
  • Granite from Lødingen and Støren
  • Length 360 cm, height 300 cm, width 200 cm, weight 40 ton


Skulpturen ligger på Børøya, på motsatt siden av Stokmarknes sentrum. Sti fra parkeringsplass ved bru. Hadsel

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