Markus Raetz's art is about seeing, about how we observe the thing around us. This continuous process of observation actually contains the sense of being alive and gives meaning to life. Raetz's art shows us that the world is full of surprises, if we enter into the dialogue created by our senses and our physical movements. We are shown surprises, and reminded that they can be experienced even in other situations in our life, if we pay attention.

The sculpture on Eggum changes its form - and thus also its content - 16 times as the viewer walks around the sculpture. From one viewing angle, it looks like a classical portrait, and from another the head is seen upside down. The sculpture stands in an area that is used as grazing land for sheep. The surrounding landscape is monumental and full of changing colours and surfaces. The sea creates the other pole of this setting, which is coloured by the seasons of the year, and filled with both natural beauty and historical memories. The sculpture seems to be connected to all of these as the viewer ponders its site and its meaning amid this scenery.


  • Completed 1992
  • Iron and granite
  • Height 178 cm


The sculpture is located at Eggum, ca. 2 km beyond the village. Follow the dirt road along the lake.

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