Uten tittel

"Per Barclay’s sculpture in the Municipality of Fauske

Per Barclay participates in Artscape Nordland with the sculpture "Uten tittel / Untitled" located in Fauske municipality. The sculpture consists of three elements: A 250 year old boathouse where the museum keeps several of its boats and two boulders in Fauske marble. The two boulders rest on aluminium structures and are located outside the boathouse on the shore. 

Barclay’s sculpture in Fauske consists of both indoor and outdoor elements. The boats are protected by the boathouse, while the boulders are exposed to the wind and weather. In time they will be shaped by the will found in the water’s constant motion. Indoors as a reminder; outdoors as a part of nature with the sky and sea as a background, and the dizzy feeling of freedom this offers.”




Oppført 1993
Marmor, aluminium. Båtnaust
Steinblokkenes dimensjoner 120 x 300 x 40 cm


The sculpture is located at Fauske Museum. Follow the gravel path down to the sea.

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