Endo’s sculptural art belongs as much to Japanese tradition as it does to the tradition in western art that tries to express fundamental existential issues: an art form that is articulated by means of the major universal symbols known in most cultures.

Endo often uses circles, rings or spheres as the basis for his sculptures. The material can be bronze, steel or stone, but he is best known for his use of wood. The circle as a form is equally characteristic of him, as is his use of fire. These symbols are an expression of the eternal orderliness of time, which to him is circular in contrast to the linear concept of time we are accustomed to in the Western mind-set.

The sculpture “Epitaph”, which Endo has created Flakstad, reflects many of the artist's central thoughts. Epitaph - a memorial plaque – tells a story about someone or something that was and which is of value to remember and preserve as a memory, concretised in a familiar and enduring material. The circular shape together with the stone material refers to the dual concept of both the universal and the eternal.

The fantastic grey stone colour, with its millions of nuances, the drama portrayed in rockslide in the background, combined with the undramatic and ordinariness in the surrounding environment - Endo has taken all this into consideration in his choice of background for the placement of Epitaph.


  • Completed 1998
  • Stone
  • Diameter 805 cm, Height 500 cm


The sculpture is by Highway 803 from E10. Take the junction to head towards Skjelfjord.

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