Laurel leaves-Moskenes

Moskenes municipality, Cristina Iglesias, Spain,
«Laurel Leaves - Moskenes»

Laurel Leaves-Moskenes is a re-marking of a natural site, an entrance to the naturally formed Devil's Churn. The artist has placed a relief wall on both sides of the entrance, thus wishing to signify its mystery and its value. The re-creation of the site as a work of art is about the human will to make things beautiful. The idea of beauty here is derived from the patterns of nature, the shapes and forms that by repetition form "a landscape within a landscape" as the artist has said, or, one could add, "a patterned field within the fields of vegetation". The encounter presents a layered dialogue between nature and art, reaching beyond the presence of the sculpture into our awareness of their interdependence.

The plant forms on the reliefs are repeated in a manner reminiscent of the way woman design textiles in direct relation to rooms, to spaces, in which their presence is felt as something that is beautiful, warm and soothing. On these reliefs the plant patterns continue the dialogue between the inner and outer spaces of experience. The site is not marked as something you should keep off. Instead it is an invitation and a welcome.


  • Listed 1994
  • Two aluminum wall relief´s
  • Height 273 x 266 cm and 312 x 266 cm


The sculpture is found on the fiord, Hamnøy, 5 km from Reine. Path from parking area to the sea, ca. 300 m to go. The trail starts at the entrance to the parking lot.

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