Four Exposures

Four Exposures is located on the slope of a hill that is visible from many viewpoints and levels in the surrounding area. It is also possible to climb up the hill to view the objects close up, to touch them and to feel the soft, skilfully carved and polished stone surfaces.

Of the four niches on the slope, three display objects. We can read the line of the objects as a carefully crafted sentence, but we can also think that they have emerged from the ground, telling a chance story of bygone times. The ski and the oar are among the basic, practical necessities of daily life in this region, while the bird's nest reminds us that the source and origin for much of our culture is in nature. The archetypal designs of these objects translated into sculptures carry with them the mythical dimension of our daily existence, in which we live in the zone of safety created by our understanding of reality and our ability to cope with the challenges it presents to us. We share this fate with birds.


  • Completed 1993
  • Marble, granite and concrete.
  • Height of the bird's nest 115 cm/diameter 90 cm, length of the ski 184 cm, niche of the concrete 116x116 cm, length of the oar 320 cm


Ta av fra E6 2 km sør for Rognan, ved stor rasteplass. Ca. 300 m til skulpturen, som kan sees i sandtaket mot vest.

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