Internal follows external 2006 - 2010

Per Inge Bjørlo´s sculpture Internal follows external (2006-2010) is situated on a cliffy shore with the mountain Rødøyløva as a background. The sculpture can be reached either from the sea or through a mountain path. The sculpture is surrounded by a wellvisited beach. Agains the sea the site is stark and ascetic. It has the sense of primal landscape with the soft form of the clif against the sea and the horizon. Seen from the sea, the sites changes its charachter and the sculpture becomes a part of the solemn mountain landscape.

A key concept in Bjørlo´s art is mental og inner space. If we agree the people´s mental spaces is more or less similiar, we can communicate with the scenes that the artist creates in his works. They are mental states that the reflector is invited to share and refelct upon.

We cannot enter them with words, instead we have to use all our senses and emotional memory to recognize the space as something of our own.


  • Completed 2010
  • Steel
  • Height153 cm, Depth 143 cm, Width 209 cm


The sculpture can be reached by sea or a mountain trail, and it is surrounded by a well-attended sandy beach.

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