Opus for Heaven and Earth

The sculpture is a circular, negative relief on a mountain slope. It has been made by removing the windswept, porous surface layer of the mountain and carving the form straight into the rock. By polishing the surface of the mountain, the sculptor has revealed the beauty of the stone, with its subtle colours that were previously hidden. The work is engraved into the mountain, and marks the landscape with its presence.

Oddvar I.N. has called his sculpture Opus for Heaven and Earth, and says that his idea refers to human migration across the globe. The symbolism of uninterrupted continuity and eternal recurrence contained in the circle is known throughout the world.


  • Completed 1993
  • Engraved into the mountain
  • Diameter of the circle 980 cm, area 75m²


The sculpture is located at Rv 17 between Andalsvåg and Forvik, on the east side of the road, approx. 10 km from Forvik.

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