A New Discussion

Kain Tapper's art springs from experiences of nature. He contemplates natural phenomena like the wind, frost, morning mist or structures in nature. He also has a long-standing interest in the triangular shape of the animal skull. Perceptions of natural phenomena are transformed into sculptures. In this they undergo a process of translation into the language of sculptural forms.

The sculpture A New Discussion consists of three parts. The forms are abstract, but they are executed in a way that is reminiscent of sketches done by hand. The vibrant tension created by this juxtaposition of geometry and impressionistic touches of the hand creates a feeling of organic growth, or of the way we experience movement in nature, such as that of the wind. The three parts of the sculpture create an internal field of tension, a place for reflection.

The scale of the sculpture is adapted to that of man, being related to the human body. The proposal for a "new discussion" is addressed to the viewer.


  • Completed 1992
  • Granite
  • Heights 225 cm, 155 cm, 115 cm (3 sculptures)


The sculpture is located just off Route 839 Run 6km from Igerøy ferry to Grimsøybrua. There are picnic just after the bridge is crossed. The three-piece sculpture is located on the opposite side of the road, within easy walking distance.

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